Monday, February 18, 2013


While watching the Season 3 finale of 'Downton Abbey', this Super Six List idea came to mind.....


I'm not going to let this spin off into a Wish-Craft of whimsy, summoning TV characters who would be too old for the time period, or too young (and thus have to be recast) or those whose actors have passed away so the exercise would have been moot. These are just six TV characters, not always current, but still viable, who could show up there at the castle.....

1] THE DOCTOR, 'Doctor Who'
Well, of COURSE I'm going to lead off with the Doctor! I thought the Fifth Doctor would have fit right in during the cricket match as Season 3 headed for the finale. But with Matt Smith now in charge of the TARDIS, the Eleventh Doctor is at least dressed closely enough to blend in with the villagers at least. Tempting though it might be that he could have arrived to save the day for certain other characters, those events must remain fixed in Time. However, he could have been working behind the scenes during the Crawley family's outing in the Highlands - seeing those magnificent stags roaming the hills made me think that the Doctor could face an alien threat which looked like the legend of Herne the Hunter. And all without the family being aware of the danger.

2] HERCULE POIROT, 'Agatha Christie's Poirot'
Of course, in that time frame, at least for the televersion of the little Belgie, he would have Captain Hastings in tow. So as the list stands now, technically I'll have seven characters in total. Anyhoo, had he been around in time, Poirot could have made sure Mr. Bates never even went to trial, let alone prison. But still, Mr. Bates made a few enemies in prison, so if the time ever comes when Brendan Coyle wants to leave the series, the visiting detective could be on hand to solve his murder. And all the time we're suspecting either the guard or Bates' cell-mate, or God forbid, Anna - it would turn out to be someone totally unsuspected. The Dowager Countess, perhaps? What a high note that would be if Dame Maggie wanted out of the series!

3] MRS. ROSE BUCK, 'Upstairs, Downstairs'
Now this would be the most logical of crossovers for 'Downton Abbey'! The updated version of the series has played a bit loose with the time-span versus that between the two shows, so any discrepancies in the aging of Rose could be ignored since the precedent to do so has been established. Rose could accompany her new employers at Eaton Place when they come to call upon the Crawleys at the Abbey.

I wondered whether I should include Jack since I was already using the Doctor, but he's long since established his independent presence away from the mothership of the franchise. Several times over he was back in that time period, although in one case he was buried underground and then entombed at the Cardiff hub for the Torchwood Institute. Although I'd much rather see Lady Edith finally find a lasting romance, I think a fling with Captain Jack might do her a world of good. And there's always an opportunity to be found with Thomas Barrow......

5] NUCKY THOMPSON, 'Boardwalk Empire'
With Prohibition still in full swing back in America, Nucky might find a reason to travel to England in order to finalize a deal to smuggle some of their liquor back to the United States. And he could make the ocean voyage in the company of Martha Levinson, Lady Cora's mother, which would serve as his introduction to the family.

6] MARK McCAIN, 'The Rifleman'
As established in "The Gambler IV: Luck Of The Draw", Mark found a career in the silent movies back in 1906, creating the first cinematic interpretation of the Lone Ranger. By the mid-1920s, he could have become popular enough to be a sensation at public appearances even across "the Pond". Young Crawley cousin Rose might beg Branson to drive her into London for the chance to see him. And Lord Grantham's sister Lady Rosamund might also have an infatuation for the cowboy actor. (John Ernest Crawford's own personal timeline combined with that of his character of Mark matches up with the chronology for 'Downton Abbey', I believe......)


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