Sunday, February 17, 2013


Our February 2013 inductee into the TVXOHOF strikes again!


'The Jeffersons'
["Me And Billy Dee"]

From the IMDb:
Louise needs a celebrity to speak at a charity function for the Help Center, where she volunteers. Ralph the doorman tells George about a company that will send celebrity look-a-likes out to events, and promises to get him the information. Meanwhile, George pretend to be author Alex Hailey, and calls up Billy Dee Williams. After lying about what other celebrities that will be there (and stating that George is a good friend of his), Williams accepts the speaking engagement.

Later, Ralph returns with the celebrity look-a-like company information, and Florence, the maid, answers the door. She heard George tell Louise that he got Williams to agree to speak at the charity event. When Ralph drops off the information, Florence jumps to the conclusion that George hired a fake Billy Dee Williams.

The evening of the charity ball, Williams arrives at the house, and Louise and her friend, Helen, are very taken with him. Florence strolls out of her room in her robe, pajamas and hair rollers. George is embarrassed as Florence insults the man whom she thinks is the "fake" Williams.

Before they can go, however, Florence snatches Williams wallet, which he has dropped. Determined to prove the guy is a fake, she takes out his drivers' license. She is shocked to learn that she is in the presence of the real man. Suddenly, Florence changes her tune, and begs Williams to wait while she changes into something more suitable. He's amused, and tells her he's not offended. He is happy to have met "his number one fan" and he kisses her softly on the lips before leaving with George. Florence screams and falls out on the couch.
- Hillari


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