Monday, December 10, 2012


There were at least four "Extras" (as David Bianculli calls TV in-jokes) in the latest episode of 'Leverage'. Because of the episode title, "The White Rabbit Job", all of them were references to "Alice In Wonderland":
  • Hatter Mercantile - tip of the same to the Mad Hatter?
  • Charles Dodgson - their mark's name was the same as the man who wrote the "Alice" books.
  • Mr. Carroll - Dodgson's assistant had the same name as Dodgson's nom de plume.
  • Alex Liddell - the inspiration for Lewis Carroll was a young girl named Alice Liddell.
However, I don't attach any special significance to these names. It's just a coincidence that they all occurred in a con job that was named after a major character in the books.

There were two other "Extras" in this episode, but you'll have to wait until the "Who's On First" special on New Year's Day..........


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