Saturday, December 15, 2012


Thanks to it being posted online, this video is probably part of the TV Universe now. Normally, had it never seen the light of day, it wouldn't be incorporated into the Toobworld Dynamic.

I have no clue what alternate TV dimension would house this bizarre genetic remix, but at any rate, here 'tis:

As I'm just about to post this, it occurs to me that there is a way to splain this and even keep it somewhat in the main Toobworld.  

It's a dream sequence by Paul Drake, imagining himself to be his boss.......


Mike Doran said...

That clip can be found as an extra feature on the Perry Mason 50th Anniversary DVD.
Also featured on the same set:
Raymond Burr's test for the part of Hamilton Burger.
What do you think happens if that goes YouTube?

Toby O'B said...

I could claim it follows the same pattern - only for Perry, it's a nightmare. Probably caused by an underdone potato.....