Tuesday, October 16, 2012


At 38 minutes into the pilot for 'Beauty And The Beast' on the CW (with commercials), we saw a 2002 flashback to Afghanistan when Black Ops attempted to kill off its experimental super-soldiers. As Victor Keller cowered to protect himself from the strafing, we could hear the (in)famous Wilhelm Scream in the distance.

Hopefully Team Toobworld remembers the Toobworld Central position on the Wilhelm Scream - it's the sound made by the serial killer alien entity Redjac when it leaves a body about to die.
Somebody on the ground in that kill-zone was hit by the bullets from overhead and Redjac fled screaming from that host body.

It was probably Redjac who caused the most problems among the super-soldiers, and it was probably to blame for most of them being killed off. But the horrors of Afghanistan during a war would have been a perfect location for Redjac to feed.

Where did Redjac go from there? Probably into some Black Ops soldier, most likely one dispatched to look for survivors among the bodies and kill them. From there, Redjac eventually made it back to the United States with that soldier as host.

You could probably work your way through the alphabet of TV shows that have had characters who have returned from tours of duty in Afghanistan - 'Army Wives', 'Bones', 'Cougar Town', 'Damages', 'E-Ring', 'Flashpoint', 'The Glades'..... But especially 'NCIS' - it feels like every other episodes is about somebody who served over in Afghanistan. Bleep! You can even go numerical with an episode of '7th Heaven'!

So somebody in any of those shows could have been the host for Redjac and brought it back to America.......


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Robert Wronski said...

Any chance these super soldiers are related to Steve Rogers (Captain America) or the Initiative (Buffy the Vampire Slayer) or the Eugenics Program (Star Trek)? Or even Dark Angel?

I haven't seen the series yet. Does it conflict with the older Beauty and the Beast series?