Wednesday, October 17, 2012


Before the World Trade Center towers collapsed in 2001, Vincent Keller (the title character in The CW's 'Beauty And The Beast' - and I ain't talking Beauty!) worked as an emergency services doctor at St. Benjamin's Hospital in New York City.

This is Toobworld we're talkin' heah, in case you were confused.

So far, 'Beauty And The Beast' is the only show I can find which has used 'St. Benjamin' as the name for a fictional hospital. I would have preferred something that could provide at least one link to another series. Best of all might have been Manhattan General which has several links, including one to a movie which I believe should be absorbed into the Toobworld Dynamic - "The Velvet Touch".

Manhattan General was the hospital where a possible Toobworld relative worked - 'Kay O'Brien, MD' (which was "referenced" in an episode of 'St. Elsewhere'). Patricia Kalember and Brian Benben starred in that show, which was also name-checked in my Toobworld novel (a project always under revision......)


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