Friday, August 24, 2012



Mrs. Frederick, a mysterious protector of the Warehouse, told her protege Claudia that a power-infused artifact comes into being because of the convergence of the object, a person, and the impact from an event:

Claudia: I thought most artifacts came from bold-face names You know, people with Wikipedia pages.
Mrs. Frederic: The creation of an artifact is simply the meeting of an artifact, a person, and a moment.

The day after that episode, the 'White Collar' crew went on a "National Treasure" hunt for the flag borne by George Washington's troops when they crossed the Delaware on that fateful night of December 25, 1776. The reverence with which it was treated made me wonder if it too could have become an artifact.

And then I remembered Claudia's realization that not every artifact was going to be attached to a "bold-face name" in History. From there, I began to think that within the "reality" of Earth Prime-Time, maybe items associated with fictional characters could be artifacts as well.

How many artifacts stored in the Warehouse could actually be warlocks and witches transformed into objects like chairs and bedpans?

Since I've been focused on 'Centennial' all month, one particular object came to mind:

As to what power Alexander McKeag's yellow apron might hold, I think it would give its bearer the ability to force reconciliation with one's enemies. But there would be a side effect - it could turn a man into a woman. (The one who wore it at that fur-trappers' gathering had to act like the woman while dancing with the others.)

That doesn't sound too bad, no need to snag, bag, and tag the yellow apron..... Unless it also caused the man wearing it to have a period and/or get pregnant!


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