Monday, August 20, 2012


Today's "ASOTV" showcase features Lucinda McKeag Zendt of 'Centennial', as played by Cristina Raines. Earlier this month, the spotlight was on her daughter, Clemma Zendt, as played by Adrienne La Russa.

Clemma fled back to Chicago after Charlotte Seccombe threatened to reveal her past to Jim Lloyd - alcoholism, fraud, prostitution, and a lengthy prison term.

Once back in the Windy City, Clemma may have turned back to her old tricks - literally. And when it looked like she might be in trouble again, she could have left town, one step ahead of the Law, and headed South - first to St. Louis, where her grandfather Pasquinel cashed in his pelts, and then on to New Orleans, which may have been more receptive to a woman of her nature.....

And she may have become pregnant.

If so, I think I may have found a TV character who could have been her grand-daughter. She worked in Argentina during World War II as an undercover agent in the Rhinemann household, and she was only known by her code name of "The Creole".

The Creole was played by Linda Racimo in 'The Rhinemann Exchange'. Maybe it's just me, but she looks as though she could have been of the same family tree as Cristina Raines and Adrienne La Russa.......


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