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Tranquilino Marquez, a migrant farm worker in Centennial, Colorado, and nephew to Ignacio Gomez, was married to his childhood sweetheart, Serafina. They had three children - Victoriano, Triunfador, and a daughter.

Around the turn of the 20th Century, the Marquez family found themselves back in Mexico and caught up in the revolution. Serafina was allowed to go back to Centennial with the two youngest children, but Victoriano had to stay behind with Tranquilino and fight alongside the rebels.

If he was old enough to make war, Victoriano was probably old enough to make love. It's pozz'ble, just pozz'ble, that Victoriano had at least one sweetheart, perhaps a few, among the village girls with whom he had become intimate. And when he shipped off on the train with his father, Victoriano may have left behind at least one of those girls carrying his child.

If so, Victoriano didn't live long enough to go back and see his offspring......

Triunfador and his sister grew to adulthood in the relative safety of Colorado. There the girl married and stayed true to her husband. But to make my theory of relateeveety work, she gave birth to several daughters. Each of them grew up and married and had their own children, all bearing the surnames of their fathers. (This will help spread the theory of relateeveety farther.)

Triunfador would be the town-catter in the family, proving his "swordsmanship" all across the West. And by "swordsmanship", I mean more along the lines of Lothario than Zorro.

And I don't think he confined himself to just his own people, the Mexicans. Triunfador probably had affairs with Anglos (among them an Irish woman), and among the Indians as well. Not just the Arapaho in the Centennial region, but he may have traveled north to Wyoming - into Absaroka County. There he could have impregnated a Cheyenne woman by the name of Nighthorse.

As is the way with tele-genetics, a DNA strain closely resembling the core essence of Tranquilino Marquez was recreated in the late 1940's among all those descendants of his. All of those children would grow up to look exactly like him.

By that point in time, many of those children grew up in California, most prominently one in Santa Barbara, but also one in Calabasas and most of the others in the East L.A. area.

We saw one of his descendants down in Mexico, Curro Rangel, working for retired bull-fighter Luis Montoya. (Montoya used a bull to kill Curro's father.) Curro could likely count Victoriano Marquez as his grandfather.....

Here are a few others of the "Grade A" citizens of Toobworld that could be descended from Tranquilino Marquez:

Jacob Nighthorse

"The Bold and the Beautiful" 
Dr. Ramon Montgomery

"One Life to Live" 
Ray Montez

"CSI: Crime Scene Investigation"
Assemblyman Danilo Zamesca

"For the People"
Michael Olivas

Agent Nick 'Coop' Cooper

"L.A. Law" 
Daniel Morales
(Two years earlier, Morales' identical cousin Hector Rodriguez showed up in the episode "The Last Gasp".  Since Daniel was in Santa Barbara before joining McKenzie-Brackman, he could be identical cousins with Cruz Castillo as well.)

"Santa Barbara" 
Cruz Castillo
(Probably the most famous of the TV roles assayed by A Martinez. I'd love to see him show up as Cruz in an episode of 'Psych'!)

"Whiz Kids"
Lt. Neal Quinn

"Cassie & Co."
Benny Silva

"General Hospital"
Roy DiLucca

And these were just the regular characters A Martinez played, or in the case of the Las Vegas assemblyman, a recurring role.......

I don't include the sickly mobster named Calderon from an episode of 'Castle' in this litany, as that show takes place in another TV dimension......


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