Saturday, August 18, 2012


As part of our salute to 'Centennial' during this TV Western month, we featured the character of Tranquilino Marquez, as played by A Martinez, earlier this week. And as we do on occasion (with characters like Cass Caldicott from 'The Rifleman') we use certain TV characters to make hypothetical links between TV shows based on theories of relateeveety. Tranquilino is such a character - we claimed that many of Martinez's characters on other series were all descended from him.

One of these was Daniel Morales on 'L.A. Law'. I guess he was brought in to be the token Latino after Jimmy Smits as Victor Sifuentes moved on.

Here's the introduction to the show for Morales:

Morales' mention of Santa Barbara at the end is an in-joke reference to the soap opera in which A Martinez played his best loved role, Cruz Castillo.

Based on this, I'm going to claim that Cruz and Daniel were identical cousins, growing up together in 'Santa Barbara'. Being cousins, there doesn't have to be any reason why either one of them should have mentioned the other......


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