Sunday, August 12, 2012


This is another good video clip to highlight today's "ASOTV" character, Alexander McKeag. This time, instead of McKeag telling the truth about himself, we have Pasquinel weaving a tale about his new young partner that will become part of the legend rather than the history. And it will also help keep him alive - thieves might think twice before attacking the man who fought in hand-to-hand combat against a gang of Pawnee... and at such an early age! (Chamberlain pulled off the portrayal of a twenty-something.)

The video was posted to highlight that episode's big-name guest star, Clint Walker as Joe Bean. It was rather a wasted used of the former TV Western star (having played Cheyenne Bodie, a member of the TV Crossover Hall of Fame, Class of 2003.) But we could say that Joe Bean of Kentucky was the grandfather of 'Cheyenne'.

But there's something else of Toobworldly value in this scene to which I would like to draw your attention.

I've always said that EVERYBODY seen in a TV show has a story, even those "atmosphere people" in the background of a scene. And we have a great example as seen in this frame grab.

Carrying that barrel behind Clint Walker, Richard Chamberlain, and Robert Conrad is a 17 year old just starting out in the business.

His name? George Clooney.

It's easy enough to figure out how to play this extra's life story.... He is the ancestor to Douglas "Ace" Ross of Chicago. Known by the nickname of Ace, Doug Ross put himself through medical school by working as an orderly and paramedic at Clark Street Hospital in Chicago. 

(However, to help keep his relationship to his aunt, Joan Thor, who is the head nurse in the emergency room, a secret, Doug used the name of "Mark Kolmar" rather than "Doug Ross." It was already known by the others who worked with Nurse Thor that her maiden name was Ross and that she had a nephew named Doug. To make it simple for himself, Doug/Mark insisted that everybody call him by his nickname of "Ace.")

Once he graduated from medical school, Doug Ross worked in the emergency room across town in Chicago, at the County General Hospital.

This ancestor of Doug Ross didn't want to spend his life working for others, lifting heavy barrels in the trading post town of St. Louis, Missouri. So when he was older, he followed the Mississippi River north until he reached the river's watershed on the Great Lakes in the area that would one day become known as Chicago. There he established himself and started a family, which culminated with Dr. Doug Ross of the 'ER' (and 'E/R'......)


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