Friday, August 31, 2012


It's a little choppy, but here's the family tree for Paul Garret of 'Centennial', Colorado.  (For instance, James Lloyd and Charlotte Buckland should be connected; Prudence Wolf and Martin Zendt should be connected; and Red Wolf and Pale Star should be connected.)

With the TV series, a generation is skipped near the end.  Paul Garrett becomes Charlotte Buckland's grandson rather than great-grandson.


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Actually the tv series is confused at the last installment, because David Jansen, who plays "Paul Garrett" continually refers to Charlotte & Jim Lloyd & Mesmore Garrett as his great grandparents. However Sydney the writer, played by Sharon Glass refers to him as their grandson. He needs to be a great-grandson, in order to tie him back to the Zendts through Martin and thus, Levi, Lucinda, Clay Basket & Pasquinel. Thanks for Clarifying.