Thursday, August 30, 2012


An excellent 'Star Trek' wiki called "Memory Base Alpha" has pointed out the number of 'Star Trek'-related actors who appeared in the mini-series 'Centennial':
  • Michael Ansara
  • Henry Darrow
  • Cliff DeYoung
  • Robert DoQui
  • Robert Easton
  • Alex Henteloff
  • Brian Keith
  • Sally Kellerman
  • Stephen McHattie
  • Nick Ramus (who played today's "ASOTV" character)
  • Clive Revill
  • Eric Server
  • James Sloyan
  • Morgan Woodward
  • Anthony Zerbe
I'm making no claim that there should be any kind of connection - many of these actors didn't even play humans in the 'Star Trek' franchise. It's just something I found interesting, but of no import to the study of televisiology......


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