Tuesday, August 28, 2012


A lot of TV shows have been imported overseas throughout the last half a century, and judging by the amount of obituaries for foreign voice-over actors I've seen at the Boot Hill blog, it looks like many of those shows are dubbed with the native language rather than fitted with subtitles.

Even though those shows are, for the most part, contained within the main Toobworld (Earth Prime-Time) in their original English, these dubbed versions would be shipped off to alternate TV dimensions where that dubbed language held sway.

Here's a good example, fitting in with this month's theme:

So why would 'Hondo' and everybody else in that scene - in all the wild, wild West, most likely - be speaking French?

Perhaps in that TV dimension, the Louisiana Purchase never happened. Perhaps France held onto the territory and was able to reap the rich resources of the region to maintain their global domination.

It wouldn't hurt if Napoleon didn't lose at Waterloo as well.....


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