Friday, June 8, 2012


Going into the season finale of 'Body Of Proof', it wasn't clear if the medical/police procedural was going to get a third season. And yet they went ahead with a season-ending cliffhanger. But now that it has been confirmed the ABC drama will be back, it looks like we can assume what the outcome will be.

As the episode ended, Dr. Megan Hunt cradled her seriously injured colleague Pete Dunlop. Well, now we've learned that Nicholas Bishop, who played Peter, won't be returning to the series. So I would think the simplest way to handle this would be that his character died.

But his character isn't the only one to jump (get pushed off the) ship.....

It was first announced yesterday that John Carroll Lynch was dismissed from the show. He played one of the two detectives that worked often with the medical examiner's office in Philadelphia. And as much as I like him, at least I knew he had another Toobworld role lined up with an NBC medical drama. So I started thinking of this post as being just about him - what reason might they come up with for Bud Morris to leave the force; how his former partner Samantha Baker might deal with it; who might her new partner be.

Well, guess what? Sonja Sohn, who played Sam, won't be coming back to the show either!
At least with Bud, I thought he might decide to get reassigned now that he had a baby this late in his life. But why would Sam go?

I think I could see a good reason as to why the producers decided to let both Lynch and Sohn go (although it could just be a money issue). Bud and Sam had become too cozy with the forensics team, after working together for so long. The show needed some inner conflict again, and they could now get that if they bring in some new detectives to clash with Dr. Hunt over her findings connected to whatever case they were investigating.

We'll see how it plays out. 'Body Of Proof' is one of those shows I like to settle back and watch in the morning once I get home from work. A lot of easy-going murder mysteries are like that for me - 'The Glades', 'The Mentalist', 'Castle', 'White Collar', and 'Psych'. When it comes to viewing, those shows are my comfort food.


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