Saturday, June 9, 2012


Fantastic author of the Fantastic, Ray Bradbury, passed away on June 5th at the age of 91. Some say he left this world along with the Transit of Venus, which has a nice Twainish vibe to it. (Samuel Clemens was born in the year of Halley's Comet and died when it came around the next time.)

For a time, Mr. Bradbury's serlinguistic presence graced our TV screens with his introductions to the adaptations of his stories in the anthology series 'The Ray Bradbury Theater' (aka 'Strange Tales: Ray Bradbury Presents'). Each week we got to peek inside the magical toy box which was his office in Los Angeles.

Here's a typical example:

"You see that sign there?
That says 'Apple Sauce'......"
Good night and may God bless......


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