Wednesday, May 16, 2012


Vicky Vale was not a character in the 1966 'Batman' TV series, only in the comic books, the Tooniverse, and the 1989 movie... as well as the 1949 movie serial. That means she could have been introduced at any time into the Toobworld timeline.  She made her appearance finally in 2001 - in one of six OnStar commercials featuring the Batman. (She was played by Brooke Burns.)  

Vicky Vale can be considered a true multiversal......

Should Vicky Vale ever show up again in a new TV incarnation, then she would be just a woman with the same name. (However, if enough time passes before the debut of such a 'Batman' series, we could claim that she is this Vicky Vale's illegitimate daughter.)

As for the Vicky Vale from the blipvert, it helps that no background information was supplied about her. That way there won't be a sense of deja view all over again with a future Vicky Vale.....


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