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Toobworld Central has always maintained that the 'Law & Order' series which was cited in other TV shows was not the same as that seen in the real world. At first it was claimed that it was a reality series; but since several of its characters and actors were mentioned in dialogue over the years, then it had to be a recreation of cases handled by the "real" cops of the 27th Precinct.

In that, it is little different from how 'Dragnet' was presented for the Trueniverse audience - the stories were true, but the names may have been changed to protect the innocent.
So it wasn't a Zonk to see Troy and Abed behave as though they were cops on that show while they investigated the "murder" of a yam.


One of the "real" people from 'Law & Order' was medical examiner Dr. Elizabeth Rodgers (who by rights should have been inducted into the TV Crossover Hall of Fame by now.) She was played by Leslie Hendrix, who also made an appearance in this episode as a botanist. (Whether she was attached to Greendale Community College or some other institution is unknown.)

The botanist had no name listed in the credits but she looked, sounded, and acted like Dr. Rodgers when she reports her findings to the detectives. But in this case, the subject was a "murdered" yam.

This is easy to splain away - the botanist was Dr. Rodgers' twin sister. One of them had to have moved far from home since Dr. Rodgers was in New York City and the botanist was in Greendale, Colorado. Or perhaps they both moved from a third location. And should high-def technology reveal her name on her ID badge, that won't be an impediment to this theory of relateeveety. Either one of them - or even both - were using their married name.

Should it turn out that Dr. Rodgers revealed that she was an only child, or at least that she had no twin siblings, then the botanist was an illegitimate half-sister Rodgers knew nothing about or  the traditional "identical cousin".


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