Saturday, May 19, 2012


The music world and Toobworld lost another performer the other day with the death of Doug Dillard, another of the leading banjo greats. (We lost Earl Scruggs earlier this year.) With his brother and his cousins, Doug performed as part of the group The Dillards. He was 75.

On 'The Andy Griffith Show', the Dillards appeared as the backwoods boys known as the Darlings, sons of mountain man Brisco Darling. Whenever they made an appearance in Mayberry, good music would soon be filling the air.

Just about two weeks ago, we listed Doug Darling (also known as Frankie) as still alive in Mayberry when we noted the passing of Goober Pyle. But now this leaves only Rodney and Dean Darling, as well as their sister Charlene Wash. (Their other brother, Othor aka Mitch, passed away some years ago.)

Here are a few videos showing the Darlings doing what they do best while visiting Mayberry, plus a few others of the Dillards as themselves.....

Good night and may God bless.....

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