Tuesday, May 8, 2012


In that same debut episode of 'The Rogues', another publication appeared which I could use to make a connection with 'The Dick Van Dyke Show'.

And a good thing too, since I need a post about the greatest sitcom ever for this month!

A picture of a reclusive millionaire was featured in an issue of News-Time magazine (August 23, 1964 edition). But the photo was replaced in a particular copy of the magazine with that of cousin Alex Fleming, posing as the millionaire.


News-Time is the same magazine which sent a reporter to write about Alan Brady. Only, Laura Petrie made it look as though Rob was the true genius of the show.

Both issues were published in 1964 (as far as Toobworld is concerned.) The cover story on Alan Brady came out at the beginning of the year, while the issue featuring "Colin Lassiter" was dated August 23.  By the time of the August edition, the masthead for the magazine had a change in its font - probably to boost sales.

(August is the eighth month of the year. 8-23...... There are two numbers from the 'Lost' sequence again.....)

And I realize it's probably just me, but doesn't the cover photo of Alan Brady look like Glenn Close......?

If it didn't before, I think this might be something you now can't "un-see".....


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Robert Wronski said...

I know it's outside your playground, but Newstime Magazine is published in Metropolis. In the 90s the owner is a demon named Satanus. DC Comics of the 90s often used Newstime. I believe the magazine worked it's way into the DC Animated Universe as well.

DC published a special edition of Newstime to memorialize the Death of Superman, in which there were quotes from Metropolis residents interviewed on the street and real celebrities. Amongst those interviewed on the street were Jay and Silent Bob.