Wednesday, May 9, 2012


Those townsfolk of Mayberry whom we "knew" and who are still alive (as are the actors who played them) include:
  • ANDY TAYLOR (Andy Griffith)
  • OPIE TAYLOR (Ron Howard)
  • GOMER PYLE - Jim Nabors
  • THELMA LOU FIFE* (Betty Lynn)
  • SAM JONES (Ken Berry)
  • MIKE JONES (Buddy Foster)
  • WARREN FERGUSON (Jack Burns)
  • DEAN DARLING (Dean Webb)
  • RODNEY DARLING (Rodney Dillard)
  • DOUG DARLING (Doug Dillard)
(Sometimes also known as Jebbin, Ward, and Frankie. The fourth brother, Othor/Mitch Darling, passed away.)
  • CHARLENE DARLING WASH (Maggie Peterson)
  • DUD A. WASH (Hoke Howell)
(At one point, Dud was the victim of an early "Quantum Leap" experiment in which either a sailor named Gilligan replaced Dud in his life due to some catastrophe typical of that clumsy oaf, or maybe it was Maynard G. Krebs' "expanded" consciousness took over Dud's life.)

Some of them may have moved away, but I'm sure they - like many of us - carry a little bit of Mayberry in their hearts.


* I'd like to think Barney did the right and finally married Thelma Lou.....

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