Tuesday, May 8, 2012


My latest series for lunch hour viewing at work is a ten episode compilation of 'The Rogues'. It's the story of an international family of swindlers, led by David Niven, Gig Young, and Charles Boyer, with Robert Coote and Gladys Cooper providing backup from the British base of operations.  It sets the standard for later shows like 'Leverage' and 'Hustle'.

When I was much younger and reading all my books on TV history, 'The Rogues' was one of those shows I always wished I had the chance to see.  (Back in 1964, my family was primarily a CBS family......)  So this is another reason I love the DVD age which is always in search of TV nuggets like this!

I started off with "The Personal Touch", and it felt like the series launch that it was. (I'm so accustomed to every pilot episode simply being called "Pilot", which I detest!) All of the principles appeared (although Boyer was a voice-over), but check out this guest cast:

Walter Matthau
Dina Merrill
Alfred Ryder
John Dehner

With a great supporting cast of characters:

Marcel Hillaire
John Banner
Dabbs Greer
Johnny Silver

And so far, the episodes are maintaining that level of quality.


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