Saturday, April 14, 2012


I've written about Peter Vaughan, the actor featured in our ASOTV showcase for today, in the past - he played Horace Dorrington, one of 'The Rivals Of Sherlock Holmes'.

He first came to my notice back in the 1980's when he played the Ogre in 'Time Bandits'. Mostly because he was treated in the credits as being as big a star as the others in the cast, and yet I never heard of him. (If I never heard of it, it doesn't exist!)

"Time Bandits" is one of those movies I'd like to abduct from the Cineverse and bring over the border into Toobworld.  There should have been a kids' TV show based on that movie!

Here's a look at one of his other roles in the Cineverse, as Anthony Hopkins' father in "Remains Of The Day":

He was also the star of a 1969 crime drama series called 'The Gold Robbers' as Chief Superintendent Cradock:


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