Wednesday, April 11, 2012


As did 'The West Wing' before it, 'Scandal' has shown in its pilot episode ("Sweet Baby") that just because an alternate TV dimension has a different President of the United States than does the main Toobworld, that doesn't mean all of the world leaders will be different in that dimension as well.

With 'The West Wing', it was White House Counsel Lionel Tribbie's mention of Queen Elizabeth II of Great Britain which demonstrated this. For 'Scandal', it was the report of President Fitzgerald Grant's upcoming meeting with President Sarkozy of France, as reported on the news.

It feels as though President Grant has been in office for most of one term already, based on the pilot episode. And we know that before him, Bill Clinton had been president earlier. (Monica Lewinsky's scandal was mentioned a few times.) So this dimension took a divergent path after the administration of George W. Bush so that Barack Obama never became the POTUS.

And that means it can't be considered part of the dimensions for '24', 'The West Wing', or 'Commander-In-Chief'.


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