Wednesday, March 7, 2012


With yesterday's mega-tribute to the TV characters played by the late Davy Jones, I found a few theoretical connections:

Record producers Jerry Vicuna ('Sledge Hammer') and Albert Lynch ('ABC After-School Special') could be brothers.

Jockey Davey Sanders ("The Bluegrass Special") may have changed his name to Frank Tyson ("A Horse In The House") and moved back to England.

Monkee Mike Nesmith "wrote" the song "I'm Gonna Buy Me A Dog", previously recorded by a teen-age band - which included a look-a-like for Mike's band-mate Davy. ('The Farmer's Daughter')

As I did all the research on that project, I found another theoretical connection, one which didn't fit in with the overall Davy Jones theme.....

In the 'My Two Dads' episode "The Wedge", Michael tried to rouse Joey because he thought he heard a prowler in the house. But Joey was in the midst of a very erotic dream, in which he was fending off the amorous advances of some woman named Veronica. ("No, Veronica! I have no more to give!")

So the question is: Who was Veronica?

Joey Harris was an artist with some small measure of success. With a decent enough reputation in the art world, Joey may have moved easily through the upper echelons of the entertainment world - not just the art scene, but the music biz. the movie crowd and TV types.

And in the field of fashion as well.....

Veronica "Ronnie" Chase was another former A-Lister with her own lingerie catalogue "empire". And she wrote self-help books as well.  When we last saw her, she was struggling a bit to keep pace with the industry, but at one time she had been on top of the world, Ma!

So I'm going to put forth (I know she did!) that at some point in the trajectories of their careers, Joey and Veronica intersected. They probably intersected a lot.....

Eventually, it had to end. But it looks like Joey never got over her.....

(And Veronica probably never got over him either. Eventually she started dating a man named Justin, who looks to have been Joey's identical cousin.)



Brent McKee said...

Interesting theory about "Veronica" being Veronica Chase, but I wish to invoke Occam's Razor (that is to say that the simplest answer is usually the right answer) and suggest that Joey was having an erotic dream about...


Yes he was having an erotic dream about a comic book/strip/cartoon character. And why not? Veronica was the Ginger of the Riverdale set and you could just bet that like Cordelia Chase, while her father may still think she's a "good girl" she knew what went where and why from experience. At least she probably did in erotic dreams.

Lest you question the possibility of that, let me state that I once had an erotic dream about Supergirl late in the career of the original Supergirl (when she was in her 20s). More wholesome than my erotic dream about Martha Stewart.

Toby O'B said...

Hahaha! Thanks for the early morning laugh, Brent! For me the comic strip fantasy was the Jackson Twins.....