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Anton Myrer

'Once An Eagle'

Cliff Potts

Earth Prime-Time

From Wikipedia:
"Once an Eagle" (1968) is a war novel by American author Anton Myrer. A #1 New York Times Bestseller, "Once an Eagle" has been a favorite of American military men and women since its writing. The novel tells the story of Sam Damon, career Army officer, from his initial enlistment to his rise to general officer rank. Along the way, he encounters Courtney Massengale time and again, an opportunistic, smooth talking Army officer devoid of the honor and integrity that guide Sam Damon during his career. A television mini-series based on the book was aired on NBC in 1976, with actor Sam Elliot portraying Sam Damon. The book appears on the Commandant's required reading list for all First Lieutenants in the United States Marine Corps, and frequently serves as a text for Cadets in leadership classes at West Point.

'Once An Eagle' (1976) is a nine hour American television mini-series directed by Richard Michaels and E.W. Swackhamer. The picture was written by Peter S. Fischer and based on the 1968 Anton Myrer novel of the same name.

The first and last installments of the seven-part series broadcasted two hours each, while the interim episodes were 60 minutes.

The mini-series concerns the thirty year careers of two military men, from the outbreak of World War I to the aftermath of World War II.

Courtney Massengale (Antagonist. Conniver and malefactor, using family political connections to move up the ranks)

Courtney Massengale (Cliff Potts) is... a womanizing, self-aggrandizing conniver.

Courtney Massengale, is evil personified. His dedication is to the advancement of his career, without regard to the devastation it wreaks on his family and the blood shed by those affected by his command decisions.

Courtney Massengale, triumphs over Sam Damon by manipulating the political system in Washington and making all the right career moves, even though he disdains the rank-and-file and sends his soldiers into certain death in his first command in World War II.

Courtney Massengale is the officer you hope you don't work for,'' said Col. Jerry D. Morelock, a recently retired history professor at the Command and General Staff College at Fort Leavenworth, Kan., where Army officers are trained for higher command.

The names of Sam Damon and Courtney Massengale have entered the language of the United States military as code words for the good officer who thinks first of the troops and the other one who thinks only of personal gain.

When General Shelton wants to exclude a candidate from a promotion, all he has to do is tell the board of review: ''This is another Courtney Massengale.''

''It's a household name and I've used it to say we shouldn't have an individual like that in the ranks -- someone who is motivated for all the wrong reasons, someone you don't want leading the troops,'' General Shelton said.


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