Monday, March 26, 2012


Toobworld Central would like to take this opportunity to welcome Plavonia into the Toobworld League of Nations. This is not a recent addition to Earth Prime-Time, just that I'm only now learning of its existence.

Plavonia was introduced in a 1964 episode of 'The Rogues', a charming con-man series starring David Niven, Charles Boyer, Gig Young, Robert Coote, and Gladys Cooper. (t's a precursor to 'Hustle' and 'Leverage'.)

I've been adding new TV countries to my file of nations for years now, but I don't always feel the need to write about them. I think the last time was for San Lorenzo (speaking of 'Leverage'.....) 

But Plavonia may prove to be a special case.

As I previously posted in the past, Earth Prime-Time was initially established as a super-computer on which highly evolved dinosaurs would have been the dominant species - had it not been for an inconvenient asteroid and the infestation of alien humanoids.

And there have been plenty of alien humanoids arriving on Earth Prime-Time since the "Dawn Of Man". Here's a partial list of those aliens who have interbred with the native primitives. (That's right - on this version of Earth, Dan Bern was right. The aliens bleeped the monkeys.)
  • The Golgafrinchams ('The Hitch-Hiker's Guide To The Galaxy')
  • Adam Cooke & Eve Norta's children ('Twilight Zone' - "Probe 7 - Over And Out")
  • Egghead's father ('Batman' by way of 'Saturday Night Live')
  • Mork from Ork ('Mork & Mindy')
  • The Sahndarans ('Star Trek' - "Plato's Stepchildren")
And I think those who arrived in 1980 with the ragtag fleet which followed the 'Battlestar Galactica' have surely had children by the mixed species humans by now. And it will continue happening into the 23rd Century with the birth of Spock in 2230.

As you can see just from those few examples, these cross-breedings spanned the Toobworld timeline.

We learned from "The People" that their mothership began to burn upon entry into Toobworld's atmosphere and so they all had to escape in "life-ships". Many of them crashed in the American Southwest, but not all clustered together. Still others - according to Valancy Carmody, there were thousands on that one vessel - may have crashed elsewhere in the world and have yet to be discovered by the outside world.

This apparently happened around 1900, perhaps a bit earlier. What if that sort of mass emigration on a cosmic scale occurred before, many centuries earlier?

And that brings me back to Plavonia......

On the off-chance that the name of the country had been used before in a TV series, I Googled "Plavonia" - only to find that it was the name of a star system in the Kriz Sector..... At least according to Wookiepedia and other "Star Wars" sources.

Unfortunately the source for this information is attributed to role-playing games. The "Star Wars" franchise of movies has been absorbed into the universe of Toobworld because of all the crossover appearances by some of the characters in commercials as well as for the Ewoks TV movies. (And although George Lucas would hate this, because of the 1977 TV holiday special.)

As for the other sources of material? Not being live-action movies or TV shows, they would be relegated to their respective fictional universes - comic books, literature, etc. In this case, Plavonia would be a crossover between the world of literature, the online world, and the Cineverse. But Toobworld wouldn't be involved. So they can't be relied upon for providing the connection between Plavonia the star system and Plavonia the European country.

For now, we'll keep it under consideration that the nation was founded by humanoid aliens who crashed on Earth Prime-Time back in the Middle Ages and who carved out a small kingdom for themselves in much the same way as "The People" formed their own community (on a much smaller scale) in Bendo, Arizona.


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