Friday, March 30, 2012


When Diana Jessup returned to '30 Rock' in order to protest Jack Donaghy's plan to make a TV movie about her daughter (his wife) being kidnapped by North Korea, it took all her will power to resist her attraction to her son-in-law. At one point she said:

"Of course there's no other reason it would be awkward, and I didn't dream that I was a sex-slave to a squid-like alien with your head."

The thing is, that probably was no dream. I think Diana did give herself to such an alien who looked like Jack with tentacles. In fact, we've already seen this extra-terrestrial in Toobworld - it's the brain-snacking alien impersonating Alec Baldwin in the original Hulu commercial:

Recently, we reported that this alien has gone through mitosis and created an exact copy of itself when it split. We've seen "Papa & Son" in several blipverts for the Capital One card. 
Here's one of them:

What triggered this mitosis? Probably an inter-species sexual encounter with Diana Jessup.

For some reason - and I don't know WHAT it could be! - the televersion of Alec Baldwin looks exactly like Jack Donaghy. So that alien impersonating the actor must have crossed paths with Diana Jessup during one of her trips to New York to see her daughter Avery. Thinking it to be Jack, Diana may have succumbed to the passion and the alien Alec took advantage of the opportunity to engage in its own version of Pon Farr.

But Diana doesn't remember it now, chalking it all up to being just a dream. That's probably because Alien Alec used a neuralizer on her. (It's probably not too hard to appropriate the technology.) 

 Now, the neuralizer comes from "Men In Black", which is a movie franchise with a version in the Tooniverse. But we know they must exist in the main Toobworld as well, because two Men in Black showed up in 'The X-Files' episode "Jose Chung's From Outer Space".

I searched the internet for awhile and I didn't find anybody else making the connection between '30 Rock' and the Hulu commercial because of that quote. And do you know what? It slipped right past me as well. Sure, I found it funny, but the image of Alec Baldwin's head sprouting tentacles didn't lead me to think of that blipvert.

That credit goes to my fellow crossoverist Robert Wronski of the Television Crossover Universe. (The link to the TVCU is to the left, my Toobers!)


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