Monday, January 16, 2012


There once was a New York City cop named Grover who had worked his way up to the rank of Lieutenant in the uniform division.

But his career hit a major setback in 1958 when a man named Carl checked into a midtown hotel and immediately climbed out onto the window ledge of his 17th floor room. He registered as Carl Adams, but only "Carl" was his real name. Only after he built a rapport with the beat cop was first on the scene, and who climbed out on the ledge as well to help him back inside, did Carl reveal who he was... and more importantly, who his wife was.....
Testifying at the Coroner's Inquest
Because of how he managed that crisis, which proved to be a bad day for the entire department, Lieutenant Grover was reprimanded and busted down to the rank of Sergeant. 
Eventually, he was able to do was to get promoted laterally from a beat cop to plain clothes detective. Grover was assigned to Chief Peter Clifford's division, where he worked often with a cop on loan from Taos, New Mexico - Marshal Sam McCloud.

In 1980, Sgt. Grover had a close encounter of the third kind when Galacticans arrived at his precinct station in order to stop an advanced form of Cylon robot - one that could resemble a human being - from using an NYC radio station to contact the Cylon fleet.

It was probably the kind of situation that forced Sgt. Grover into finally taking retirement. But it was also enough to get Grover inducted into the TV Crossover Hall of Fame as the January Classic TV Character.

'Alfred Hitchcock Presents' - "Man With A Problem"
'Galactica 1980' - "The Night The Cylons Landed" (Part Two)

(Toobworld reasoning as to why he was back in uniform when the alien humans showed up - earlier in the day he had been to the funeral of a fellow officer and he later went to work in his full dress blues.....)


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