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From Wikipedia:
Casey Duane Tibbs (March 5, 1929–January 28, 1990) was an American cowboy, rodeo performer, and actor.

He was born northwest of Fort Pierre, South Dakota. Tibbs held the "World All-Around Rodeo Champion" title twice, in 1951 and 1955. He also won in 1949, 1951–1954, and 1959, the world saddle bronc riding championship and in 1951 world bareback bronc riding championship. He was featured on a 1951 cover of LIFE magazine.

He moved to Ramona, California in 1976 to raise and breed horses. After battling bone cancer and then lung cancer for about a year, he died at his home in Ramona, while watching the 1990 Super Bowl. He is buried in Scotty Philip Cemetery, Fort Pierre, South Dakota.

According to another site, he never married and there is no record of any children.

But in Toobworld that's not the case....
In the Toobworld Dynamic, fictional TV characters are related to people from the real world.

My favorite examples:

Vera Louise Gorman and Art Carney are cousins, according to the sitcom 'Alice'

Detective Megan Russert and the late Tim Russert are also cousins, as seen on 'Homicide: Life On The Street'

This category also includes marriages. So there's Terence McQuewick from 'Entourage', who was married to actress Melinda Clark.

But in these modern times, who needs a marriage license?

Here are a couple of sexual relationships between fictional characters and the televersions of real life people:

Larry Sanders & Roseanne

Larry Sanders & Ellen DeGeneres

Artie & Elizabeth Ashley
(all from 'The Larry Sanders Show')

Vincent Chase and Mandy Moore

Vincent Chase and Sasha Grey
(both from 'Entourage')


Joan Rivers and David Lee Roth
('Z Rock')
I bring this up (again) because Casey Tibbs presented a new category for this topic and it may have been the first fictional-reality relationship ever in Toobworld.

In the "Partners" episode of 'Screen Directors Playhouse', rodeo champ Casey Tibbs played himself. By the end of the show he had adopted a 14 year old boy named Terry Johnson (played by Brandon de Wilde.)
I'm not sure the adoption was on the up and up - it looked more like Casey signed up to take Terry Johnson on the rodeo circuit as part of an orphanage work-release program. And the orphanage director (played by Don Beddoe) didn't seem to be the real deal - something about the way he giggled made him particularly skeevy. I think no matter what happened, (and I do have a theory about his life during prime-time), Terry Johnson had it better than the kids left behind in that guy's care!
Nothing against Don Beddoe as himself, of course.....


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