Monday, October 24, 2011


"None of this would have happened
If he only stayed home and watched television.
And he would have learned many things....."
Alfred Hitchcock
'Alfred Hitchcock Presents'

I've always said that TV was a teaching tool, and sometimes it teaches me a little something about the TV dimension......

Here's what I learned about the TV Universe last week:

There are at least 5500 alternate dimensions to the Tooniverse.
('Batman: The Brave And The Bold')
The live-action TV universe isn't the only world to have multiple variations. The animated Batman wound up in Universe #5501 through a dimensional rift.  There he teamed up with Abraham Lincoln to destroy a steam-punk cyborg John Wilkes Booth. By his tone of voice as he departed that world, Batman seemed glad to know that at least one version of President Lincoln survived.

909 Lexington Avenue in New York City used to be a boarding house until 1958.
('Alfred Hitchcock Presents' - "Bull In A China Shop")
But after the final events transpired in that episode, the area was rebuilt. It now looks like this:

All mystery writers go to heaven.
('Alfred Hitchcock Presents' - "Whodunit")
And not even the angels know why......


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