Saturday, October 29, 2011


Regular visitors to the Inner Toob blog might know that Steely Dan is my all-time favorite band. And yet it was only this year when I finally saw them perform in concert (back in September at the Beacon Theater.) I had seen Donald Fagen once before, when he was touring with the Rock and Soul Revue.

Also this year I saw Beau Bolero, a Connecticut cover band at Infinity Hall in Norfolk.

I've been contacted by a band called State Cows - Daniel Andersson, a member of the group, may have read about my fascination with Steely Dan here at the blog for Toobworld Central. (And if so, I thank him for visiting!)

"My name is Daniel Andersson. I have a Swedish band called State Cows. Steely Dan is a huge influence for us."

Their songs are very much in the Dan vein - smooth and jazzy, perhaps more in line with the mid-period works of Fagen and Becker.

Here are a couple of their songs to which I hope you'll give a listen......

I thought this next one was appropriate for Halloween, if only because I expected them to pelvic thrust their way into doing the Time Warp again....

And as an acknowledgment of the band that has inspired their sound, here's the State Cows' cover of one of my favorites.......

I haven't yet found that one song I can say this is Toby's State Cows song, but I'm sure I'll find it.

I hope you enjoy!


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