Monday, October 24, 2011


I have a lot of old friends and school acquaintances, mostly from my UConn Drama days, who have made their mark in Toobworld. Chief among these would be Dan Lauria, who knew me as "Tim, his favorite prop man" during a production of "Inherit The Wind", but also Shirley Jordan, whose many nurse and doctor roles were condensed into twin sisters for an Inner Toob post. (Her two roles on 'Ally McBeal' and 'Boston Legal' were combined into one character as well.)

There's also Tom O'Leary, who showed up in character for a quick cameo on 'Wheel Of Fortune' when he was playing the lead in the Broadway production of 'Phantom Of The Opera', but who's also made appearances on 'Law & Order', 'Monk', 'Related', and three soap operas. My friend Ray Amell is getting started as one of the "atmosphere people" in such shows as 'Boardwalk Empire', 'The Good Wife', 'Mildred Pierce', and 'Pan Am'. (Well, they can't all be winners.)

Then there's the late Elisa Heinimann showed off her serlinguistic skills in a Dow Chemical commercial, which caught me off-guard when I watched the Robert Culp episode of 'Roots: The Next Generations' at the Paley Center for Media.

There are those who have shown up in more realistic settings as members of the League of Themselves, usually in news broadcasts - Mark Thompson in a rights march and Norm the former security guard at work who proved he was on the job when he stopped an undercover team for CBS' Early Morning show from getting into the building.

And then there's an old friend from my high school days, Keith Cowing.....

This is from Keith's website:

Keith is editor and webmaster of the somewhat notorious "NASA Watch", an online publication devoted to the free and uncensored exchange of information on space policy and NASA operations. This website is read regularly within NASA, Congress, and the global space community. Keith is also editor of an online space news and reference resource he runs with his business partner Marc Boucher as well as the newly launched

Keith has appeared hundreds of times on television and radio including ABC, CBS, NBC, MSNBC, Fox, NPR, CNN, PBS, CBC, CTV, Discovery Channel Canada, NHK, BBC, Travel Channel and has been quoted in a number of newspapers and magazines ranging from "Wired" and the "Washington Post" to the "Economist" and "Pravda", among others.

He should have been scooped up by 'Eureka' or 'The Big Bang Theory' for a guest spot long before now!  (Those are a couple of shots of Keith at the top of the page, from several dozen appearances on CNN.)

So why am I bringing this up today?

Because Toobworld Central just wanted to wish an old high school buddy a happy birthday......



Keith Cowing said...

What a pleasant surprise as I sat down this morning to begin my daily manipulation of my evil cyber empire. In terms of cameos, I'd really like to be on "Fringe" ... can you make that happen in Toobworld?

Toby O'B said...

Now I've got a headache - for slapping myself in the head for not thinking of 'Fringe' myself!

Have a great day, Keith!