Wednesday, October 19, 2011


This is going to be a real tele-quickie, for both shows - with thanks to two of my favorite TV reviewers.....


In the headline for his review of 'Last Man Standing', HitFix TV columnist Alan Sepinwall said that the new Tim Allen sitcom was "groan-worthy".

That was good enough for me; I didn't even bother to record an episode to sample it. I only saw a handful of 'Home Improvement' episodes (for Toobworld purposes, like the 'Soul Man' crossover, for example), so it was as though I had to give up a new chance to visit with an old favorite.

As for its place on Earth Prime-Time, I think it's safe. They won't be changing the President to somebody fictional, because that would rob Tim Allen's character of the chance to rail against Obama, just as Archie Bunker used to praise Nixon.


As for the new Laura Dern series on HBO, 'Enlightened', I had the first episode in my DVR queue, but never got around to watching it. But after reading Rob Buckley's review at his blog "The Medium Is Not Enough", I'm going to erase it without sampling it.

Quoth the Buckley:

"Possibly the dullest, most pointless TV drama since… oh, 'Pan Am', but even less happens..... One episode was enough and so little is happening in it, that I couldn't even work out what I'd put in a full review. So this is all it's getting."

I'll take his word for it.

The show seems to be low in social standing for any of its character to have any kind of impact on the status of 'Enlightened' in the main Toobworld. So even if it is that bad, it still has a home in Earth Prime-Time.

Another sign I'm not going to invest any time in these shows?  I didn't bother to find pictures for either one of them.  Instead I'm just going to pull out a random picture from my Augean stables of a hard drive:

By the way, links to both Rob's "The Medium Is Not Enough" and Alan's "What's Alan Watching?" can be found among the links to the left, you last men enlightened. Because that's how I blogroll.....


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