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Okay, this Toobworld Take-Away may seem like a moot point since the series has been canceled already, but I think that because of its impact on the Toobworld Dynamic, it needs to be addressed.


Although technically they belong in the "Cineverse", the two "Charlie's Angels" movies can be absorbed into the TV Universe because of their connections to the original series. Both movies were wise enough to bring back John Forsythe to the unseen role of Charlie Townsend, who was no more than a voice emanating from a speaker box for these three new angels. And the sequel had an uncredited cameo turn by Jaclyn Smith as Kelly Garrett.

As for the recasting of Bosley, first as Bill Murray and then as Bernie Mac, it would appear that the first John Bosley, as played by David Doyle in the series, was something of a player: both of these recastaways were actually his sons by different women. (Whether he was married to them or not is unknown to me.)

And the location remained Los Angeles, California. For this new series, however, the action was moved to Miami Beach. And the Charlie Townsend who operated this branch of the detective agency was voiced by Victor Garber.

With no other connections to the original series, one might think this should be shunted off to an alternate TV dimension.

Not so fast, Gumshoe Breath!
One small detail mentioned in the original series was that Charlie Townsend had once been married. What was never stated definitely - one way or the other - was if he had any children from that short-lived union.

So it's pozz'ble, just pozz'ble, that Charlie Townsend had a son. And his son could have been named after him. Charlie, Jr.

After the death of his father, Charlie Jr. - who must have been estranged from the Old Man once he reached adulthood (which is why we never saw him or heard of him in the original series) - inherited the Townsend Detective Agency. But rather than take over the company and run it from there in California, Charlie, Jr. decided to move all the assets back East. (Living in Miami Beach all those years would also be a reason why Charlie Jr. never dropped in on Pops.)

As his new angels - Kate Prince, Eve French, and Abby Sampson - had backgrounds as criminals rather than in law enforcement, it seems O'Bvious that Charlie, Jr. was going to take a new approach to how he ran the family business. The previous three employees who were doing the leg work - Alex Munday, Natalie Cook, and Dylan Sanders - most likely decided to branch out on their own and stay rooted in Los Angeles. The same was probably true for the two Bosleys.

As for the new John Bosley working as the major domo for the Townsend agency, I think it's safe to say that he is of the same age as the actor who plays him, Ramon Rodriguez. Being born in 1979, he's old enough to be the son of Bill Murray's character, making him the grandson of the original John Bosley. (His family tree is quite the Benetton ad!)

Looks like Bosley just woke up to find a bed-bug!

Even though 'Sliders', as an essential for the Toobworld Dynamic, showed that there were an infinite number of alternate TV universes, it's always nice when we can keep a remake anchored in the main Toobworld, Earth Pime-Time.

One thing I haven't mentioned yet has been the merits of the show....? Like I said, it's a moot point since the show has been put on the Big Hiatus, but I will admit that I never got around to watching an episode. If I need to, I'm sure I can scare up a copy of the pilot still online.

BCnU, Angels......

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