Tuesday, October 18, 2011


Ann Perkins:
"I bought this Mackerel at the Supermarket.
I've been standing in the water with the fish on my hook for 30 minutes.
I saw it on an episode of 'I Love Lucy'.
Maybe, but it feels pretty good to have a bunch of little boys be super in to me.
That came out wrong....."
'Parks & Recreation'

There's no getting around it - Lucy Ricardo is one of the many TV characters who would have their lives adapted for a TV show within TV shows.

And when you think about it, her life was worthy of a TV show - she was the wife of a celebrity who tried many far-fetched ideas to get into the business herself. A similar situation would be of Alan Brady adapting Rob Petrie's memoirs into a sitcom for himself. First as a vehicle for himself in which the character based on him (while he played Rob Petrie) would be called Alan Sturdy; and then as a vehicle in which Rob Petrie look-alike Dick Van Dyke assumed the role.


A big thanks to Lisa of the Flaming Nose Blog (link to the left, lucites!) for the picture of Lucy.....

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