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'The Twilight Zone'

Both 'Doctor Who' and 'The Twilight Zone' are considered Toobworld essentials for what they provide towards the splainins that make up the Toobworld Dynamic. And with the episodes "Let's Kill Hitler" and "The Man In The Bottle", they come together.

The Hitler met by the Doctor was not the real Adolph Hitler. Instead it was an impostor sent back in Time via genie magic to take the madman's place. We covered this once before when we used Luther Adler's character of Arthur Castle for a previous "As Seen On TV" spotlight on Adolph Hitler.

Mr. Castle was a gentle, decent man and he panicked quickly upon discovering that he had taken the Fuhrer's place in History. He didn't waste time in using his final wish to get his old life back. Having completed the three wish mandate for the pawnbroker, the Genie disappeared, but it looks like he used the same ruse on another "Master".

Only this time, the man with the three wishes appears to have made himself comfortable in the role of Hitler. (To be fair, Arthur Castle was plopped into the Fuhrer's place during the final collapse of Hitler's regime in the bunker. This new impostor was settled into Hitler's life back in 1938, when he was still on the rise in his domination of Europe.)

After being dispatched to the cupboard by the Companions of the Doctor, and after having seen the changes being made to the Tesselecta's appearance, the time-traveling interloper may have had enough and used one of his remaining wishes to return to his old life.

Sending in substitutes for Hitler could be a ploy by the Genie to quickly use up his Masters' wishes so that he could be free from the servitude.

It's because of the Genie's magic that no one - not even the Doctor - could detect that this Hitler was an impostor.

(Had the role been a meatier one - the title was definitely misleading! - I would have suggested Michael Palin to play Hitler......)


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PDXWiz said...

Brilliant! That could easily explain, possibly, the Doctor's encounters with Hitler...when the Doctor doesn't try to fight the Nazi regime. He has fought enough oppressors in the past and future of Earth, why not the Nazis? I don't know how many times the Doctor has met him in print, but he actually gets along with him... Which could mean he knows it isn't the REAL Hitler, but a nice, well-meaning impostor... Another great theory!

Gordon Long