Tuesday, August 30, 2011


'THE RIFLEMAN'"The Photographer"
When a photographer, an old friend of the McCain’s, is accused of murder, Mark and Lucas find themselves on opposite sides against each other.

"The Mind Reader"

A young man accused of a murder he didn’t commit, is finally cleared by the accidental discovery of a “mind reader.”
From "The Rifleman Episode Guide List"

First off, the O'Bvious reason I'm linking these two episodes is because John Carradine was the guest star, as should be evident by the picture above.

Abel Goss was the photographer; James Barrow McBride was the "clairvoyant".

And the two of them were brothers. Even though John Carradine played them both, I don't think they can be considered identical twins. Otherwise, Lucas McCain would have seen the similarity in James to his old friend Abel. There must have been some physical difference which set them apart that was not visible to the Trueniverse audience.

Aside from the differences in their chin hair and stubble, Abel looks to be older than James (and "The Photographer" was filmed first.) He appears gaunt as well, while McBride's face is fuller.

As for the difference in names, Abel bore the family surname, while James adopted a more theatrical moniker to better suit his "profession".....


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