Wednesday, August 31, 2011


So the yearly tribute to the TV Western in now over with the post connecting 'The Rifleman' to one of the more interesting alien species of 'Doctor Who'. I focused mostly on the first three seasons of the Chuck Connors series as my theme, and even then never did get around to a lot of the episodes from those three years. (TV shows cranked out a lot more episodes per season in those days than they do today.)

I had posts written for episodes which never got published, along with essays on such topics as the six Doc Burrage recastaways and more splainins for actors cast in more than one role (including an interesting link suggested by Team Toobworld member Gordon Long). So I'm thinking 'The Rifleman' is proving such a fertile topic that it will probably be my theme again come next August.

The verbiage would have happened anyway, but a lot of my research and most of the pictures were only made possible thanks to a fantastic website dedicated to 'The Rifleman'. Without it, the whole Inner Toob series on the topic would have been far poorer. So I want to tip my Stetson to Cowgirl's "Rifleman Episode Guide List" and urge you to visit to learn more about this great old TV Western classic.

Thanks again for visiting all month. I hope you enjoyed it!


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PDXWiz said...

While I hate for the August arc for The Rifleman to end, it was great. I am very intrigued by this series. (I admit there are times I'd love to travel back in time and watch every episode of every non-reality series, one network at a time, because I'm constantly encountering shows I've never seen before but look interesting---and The Rifleman is a case in point. Thanks for all your hard work on it, and I hope to see the rest of your research and the last couple of seasons of The Rifleman in the future.

Yes, Cowgirl's site is neat, I've looked at it several times over the month thanks to the intriguing posts you've come up with. It's a great site.


Gordon Long