Saturday, June 25, 2011


Supposedly that's Meryl Streep on the left hand side in this CBS news report about kids waiting to see the Beatles.

Years later, she mentioned going to see the Beatles......

But her memories don't seem to jibe with that footage. Of course, maybe she already ditched the sign....

Did you know I can take part in the Kevin Bacon game because of Meryl Streep?  Along with a lot of other UConn Drama students back in the mid 1970's, I was an extra in a TV movie she did called "The Deadliest Season".  (The original title was better - "Penalty Killer".) 

She played Michael Moriarty's wife.  If you ever get the chance to see it, I show up in nine pretty good close-ups in the first half hour at various hockey games.  After that, it's mostly courtroom and domestic scenes.

But she then appeared in "River Wild" with Kevin Bacon, so I can make that connection in two moves.



PDXWiz said...

That's cool, Toby! Was this ever released on dvd? I enjoy sports-related films but have only seen a few. And since this was a tv-movie, it does count for the Toobverse!


Toby O'B said...

Not yet. Years past, it used to show up on some local NY channel around the time of the Stanley Cup playoffs, but I haven't seen it listed lately. Can't even find it on bit torrents.

But if it does, I'm buying it. Of course, I keep saying that about "Firehouse" in which I played the brother of one of the leads and had one good, line-less close-up, but never have.....

PDXWiz said...

Firehouse? Hmm, something else I haven't heard of. Could that character be related to the one in the Streep film?

As much as I love teevee, especially before about 2000, there's still lots to learn! :)