Tuesday, June 21, 2011


From 'Guiding Light'
With their second episode out of the box, 'Franklin & Bash' made their Toobworld occupancy legit. (The Toobworld Dynamic believes just about every show belongs in Earth Prime-Time; it just might take some time to find the proof to make it official.)

While doing a little research into their firm's latest murder case, Jared Franklin discovered that a large bet had been placed at an online betting parlor against a successful outcome.
To illustrate the case for bettors, the website used the cover of the National Inquisitor, which splashed lurid details about the case: "She Came Upstairs And Killed Me.")

In 2003, the National Inquisitor became a member of the TV Crossover Hall Of Fame for its use in episodes of 'The Naked Truth', 'Guiding Light', 'Wiseguy', 'Columbo', 'Alf', and 'The Bold & The Beautiful', among others.

And now we can add 'Franklin & Bash' to the mix!


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