Sunday, May 29, 2011


I know American "Who" fans are going through withdrawal this weekend since BBC-America pre-empted 'Doctor Who' for Memorial Day Weekend content, and in the middle of a two-parter at that. So here's another video to help stem the cravings.....

I could have asked for a better voice-over, one more in keeping with that original deep voice. And it probably should have been a mash-up in the titles as well - it should have been "Barnaby Who". But otherwise, the 'Barnaby Jones' theme music makes everything better.

And at least thanks to this mash-up, I now know why the character of Jorah Marmont in 'Game Of Thrones' looks so familiar to me. I really liked Bishop Octavian in that "Weeping Angels" two-parter and I still hold out hope that the angel didn't kill him; rather it sent him back in Time. We may yet meet him again in 'Doctor Who'.....


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