Monday, May 30, 2011


It's my opinion, but I'm pretty sure it's held by a lot of people, that Sgt. Saunders was the best TV soldier to come out of World War II in Toobworld, perhaps the best TV soldier no matter the war or conflict. Over a five year span in Trueniverse time (but the span of one year only within their own reality), we followed Saunders and the men of King Company through France once they landed during the Normandy invasion of D-Day.

On this Memorial Day, I wanted to honor his memory with a collection of YouTube clips culled from the TV series 'Combat!'  (Along with actor Vic Morrow and the other regular actors from the series, keep an eye out for stars like James Caan, Jack Lord, Bill Bixby, Richard Basehart, and Eddie Albert.)

I'd like to think that "Chip" Saunders (Not many dared to call him "Chip" to his face!) survived the War. But as he was born arround 1911, I doubt he'd still be alive today. It could be that after the War, he settled down... perhaps in California, somewhere around Orange County. And there, in 'The O.C.', he would eventually have a grandson named after him... but that kid wouldn't be half the man his grandfather was....

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