Wednesday, March 16, 2011


This isn't my collection, but 'twill serve until I load up a few pictures of the "library" at Toobworld Central.....

Here's the latest collection of DVDs to arrive at Toobworld Central....

This is the original version as seen on the BBC, not re-edited to fit the 'Masterpiece Theatre' format. Because my brother enjoyed the series as much as I did, I'm saving this for when I'm on vacation up at the Lake; we can watch an episode each night after he gets out of work at the newspaper.....

'ALIAS SMITH AND JONES' - Seasons 2 and 3
I wasn't sure I really wanted to get this, since Pete Duel committed suicide and was replaced by Roger Davis. (I was pretty distraught over his death back in high school.) But I've reconciled myself to the situation and would like to see how the rest of Davis' episodes played out. (I've only seen a few.....)

I remember this series and enjoyed it when it was on. I've heard the Britcom on which it was based was better, but still - Dom DeLuise was always a fave..... At the very least, it should provide a good diversion during my lunch breaks.

One of the best of the "quirky small town genre" series that should provide some interesting elements for Toobworld research......


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