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On March 16, 37 AD, Caligula became Emperor of the Roman Empire upon the death of Tiberius......


'Xena, Warrior Princess'

Alexis Arquette

From Wikipedia:
When Tiberius died on 16 March AD 37, his estate and the titles of the Principate were left to Caligula and Tiberius's own grandson, Gemellus, who were to serve as joint heirs. Although Tiberius was 77 and on his death bed, some ancient historians still conjecture that he was murdered. Tacitus writes that the Praetorian Prefect, Macro, smothered Tiberius with a pillow to hasten Caligula's accession, much to the joy of the Roman people, while Suetonius writes that Caligula may have carried out the killing, though this is not recorded by any other ancient historian. Both Philo, who wrote during Tiberius's reign, and Josephus, record Tiberius as dying a natural death. Backed by Macro, Caligula had Tiberius' will nullified with regards to Gemellus on grounds of insanity, but otherwise carried out Tiberius' wishes.

Caligula accepted the powers of the Principate as conferred by the Senate and entered Rome on 28 March amid a crowd that hailed him as "our baby" and "our star," among other nicknames. Caligula is described as the first emperor who was admired by everyone in "all the world, from the rising to the setting sun." Caligula was loved by many for being the beloved son of the popular Germanicus, and because he was not Tiberius. It was said by Suetonius that over 160,000 animals were sacrificed during three months of public rejoicing to usher in the new reign. Philo describes the first seven months of Caligula's reign as completely blissful.

But then......!

From the HercXena Wiki:
Caligula, Emperor of Rome, was a recurring character on 'Xena: Warrior Princess'. He was known for his wild debauchery. He obtained godhood, but killed himself shortly after.

Even early in his life, tales of Caligula's wild antics reached as far as Eire. (HTLJ: "Redemption") Some 28 years later, Caligula succeeded Tiberius as Emperor of Rome. He imprisoned the goddess Aphrodite and stole her godhood. Xena infiltrated Caligula's court and talked him into killing himself. (XWP: "The God You Know")
Caligula, with Aphrodite
After his death, Caligula spent his afterlife in the Greek underworld. (XWP: "You Are There")

She may not have realized it, but the warrior princess Xena was something of a time-jumper, ending up in different time periods between episodes. She may have also crossed over TV dimensions because this story of Caligula does clash with that of the established "history" as seen in 'I, Claudius'.

But as she lived in the "Time of Legend", certain tales of the life of Xena could be exaggerated - embellished in their many re-tellings. And this could be an example.

Personally, I'm going with an excursion into an alternate TV reality. It's the Toobish thing to do.....


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