Thursday, March 17, 2011


Here's a serendipiteeveeious combination for Saint Patrick's Day - the late Irish rocker Rory Gallagher with a song about the Continental Op, Dashiell Hammett's private eye. The Op may not have been the first, but he was the first great one and established the genre for others to follow.

I'm currently doing research into the character's TV versions and I stumbled across this music video:

Here are the lyrics:


Rory Gallagher
Defender - 1988

Well..there's a body in the bay,
The cops are taking it away.
They said this case was closed,
It only shows that you never know.

So who are they gonna get,
When the trouble's gotta stop?
Here's my card,
I'm the Continental Op.

Jane Doe in the bay,
Now that's Exhibit 'A'.
Bloodstains on the dress,
Of the millionairess.

But I saw you leaving town,
I'm gonna have to track you down.
You've slipped through the web,
And you might have dodged the Feds.

Who are they going to get,
When you've outfoxed the Cops?
Here's my number,
I'm the Continental Op.
I'm the Continental Op.....yea

Call the Agency,
We never close.
First consultation is free,
Check my reputation,
Check my pose,
First you ought to check my fee.

There's a menace on the streets,
Offering infants' sweets.
Don't give this man a ride,
Lock your car from the inside.

He's suspect No. 1,
But I guess his race is run.
He left a set of prints,
He's not smart as he thinks

Who are they gonna get,
When you've outfoxed the cops?
Here's my card ,
I'm the Continental Op.

Yea..who are they gonna get,
When you've outfoxed the cops?
Here's my badge,
I'm the Continental Op.


This makes the Continental Op a true multiversal - literature, television, radio, and even the fictional universe for music!

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