Thursday, February 10, 2011


Currently, as you might have guessed from the recent spate of posts, I'm working my way through the first season of 'Burke's Law'. And in two episodes so far, I've seen evidence that young
detective Tim Tilson has an appreciative eye for the older ladies.

It must be a wattle fetish- with which Boston lawyer Richard Fish could relate.

In "Who Killed Cable Roberts?", Detective Tillson asked out the victim's maid once the investigation was nearing its conclusion. Captain Amos Burke used his position as mentor to warn Tim that Anna used to be a barber in "the Old Country". And Tim did have an incredible coif, so the Samson reference was justified.

Captain Burke send Tilson to Las Vegas to cajole Eudora Carey back to L.A. when they were investigating "Who Killed Cynthia Royal?" (Eudora and the victim had something in common - oil millionaire James Royal.)

The nightclub singer easily seduced the younger detective in her hotel room, causing him to blush. But just before full lip-lock mode, she revealed that she had him pegged for a detective ten seconds after they started talking down in the casino. (Later, she tried to rekindle the feelings he had for her, but he brushed her off with a line worthy of Sam Spade.)
Eudora was sixteen years older than Tim was at the time. Anna was nineteen years older.....

But I know older women aren't the only ones to catch Tim Tilson's eye - he also seems to have a fondness for pretty young secretaries and receptionists. Two examples of receptionists he's asked out so far:

"Who Killed The Kind Doctor?" - Janet Fielding

"Who Killed Wade Walker?" - Jill Stacy

At any rate, it's O'Bvious that Tim Tilson was picking up more than just tips on police work from his "old Captain"......


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