Saturday, February 12, 2011


The networks rarely get super-heroes right for Toobworld. Currently, 'Smallville' is counting down through its final season and it's been highly successful..... Too bad it's set in the 'West Wing' TV dimension and not the main Toobworld. But Earth Prime-Time did have 'The Adventures of Superman' and that wasn't too shabby. 'Batman' was pretty good too. And for all its flaws, 'The Tick' was a lot of fun. ('Lois & Clark' was okay, but like 'Smallville', it was in another dimension.)

But for those few successes, there have been others like 'Once A Hero', 'Captain Nice', 'Mr. Terrific', 'Night Man', and on and on. And currently? 'The Cape'.

TV tried to make a TV hero out of Will Eisner's comic book hero The Spirit, but it's got the riff of cheesy 80's TV all about it. Even so, like most of those other TV comic book heroes, The Spirit is part of the main Toobworld.

Here's the first chapter of the TV movie pilot. It'll be up to you if you want to continue on and watch the whole thing.....

Up, up, and away!

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