Saturday, January 1, 2011


The "science guys" dressed up as the Justice League of America in the end of year episode of 'The Big Bang Theory' for the New Year's Eve party at Stuart's comic book store.

(For the record - Raj was Aquaman, Howard was the Batman, Leonard was Green Lantern, Sheldon was the Flash, with Penny and her current boyfriend Zack tossed in as ringers - Wonder Woman and Superman, respectively.)

But it was Stuart's costume that gets this post into today's line-up. As he announced the winner of the costume contest, we saw him dressed as the Fourth Incarnation of the Doctor, as played by Tom Baker. No mention was made of the TV show. No mention was made of Tom Baker. And in the way Toobworld Central handles 'Doctor Who' Zonks, either would have been okay.

Because in the TV Universe, we speculated that there is an organization, perhaps run by the United Nations, which helps deflate the rumors of the existence of the Gallifreyan Time Lord by creating fictional representations of him and then claiming that anybody who makes references to him actually existing must be confused with the TV show and the movies.

But we didn't have to go that extra step because there was no mention of Baker or the show. And since Stuart is the kind of "geek" that would investigate such conspiracy theories on the internet, he was probably dressed as the actual Doctor, not as the character as seen on TV.


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