Friday, December 3, 2010


The BBC has announced that their drama 'Waterloo Road' will be launching an online spin-off from the original series which will show what's been happening to characters who have already graduated from that inner - city school.

I'm not familiar with the show at all, and I'm sure most of my readership (if any) are in the same boat. So here's the description supplied by an Anglophile named Ryan:

BBC drama set at a grim inner-city school where a new headmaster (Jason Merrells,
Cutting It) tries to modernize despite the efforts of most of the lazy staff to sabotage him. Subplots revolve around the relationships of the staff and students, some of whom were involved in a fatal car accident.

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The new online show is to be called 'Waterloo Road Reunited', and it won't just be a series of scripted episodes. There will also be fictional social network sites and audio clips.

Unlike most dramas, Waterloo Road is unique in that every year popular characters have to leave the show because they leave school. We wanted to give fans a chance to follow their lives online. The video will focus on events that bring the ex-pupils together, but the story extends beyond video allowing the audience to follow their lives as if they were friends with them on Facebook.”
- Sarah Clay of BBC Drama

I'm not sure anybody outside of Great Britain will have access to that online content, which will debut in the Spring of next year. Meanwhile, 'Waterloo Road' itself will be back with its sixth season in 2011 as well.


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